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Nicola Baldresca Italian amateur radio station
Spinea Venezia


Dear Friends,
my name is Nicola, and I was borned in Mestre (Venice) on 28th April 1973. I live in Spinea, a little town near Venice. Iíve obtained the high school graduation as accounting , and since 1995 Iím working in a factory near my home. Iím married with Roberta, Iíve a son Mattia and a daughter Anna.

My passion for radio communication
began when I was 14 years old, when my father bought me a little walkie talkie for transmit with my friends in my town. After many years on citizen band during the summer 2000 Iíve passed the written examination and the cw text for my amateur radio license. Iíve obtained on February 2001 the IZ3EBA callsign and since this period Iím enrolled to the Italian Radioamateur Association (ARI), section of Treviso.

My activity is dedicated to the HF bands
. My interest for DX and IOTA activity is great, and with others radioamateurs that live in my province have created a DX Group named ďVecio Piave TeamĒ. Often during the afternoon we are tuned in 2 meters band at 145.450 MHz for exchange informations that appared in the packet cluster and for research the last New One!!

Since June 2004 Iím the editor of the famous monthly issue of 425 DXNews, the 425 Magazine. With over 10.000 readers in the world every month, the Magazine is one of the most important communications medium for serious Dxíers. Itís contain Dx information, News from the web, Qsl manager, Address and many others infos about the Amateur world. Many thanks to Mauro, i1jqj and Valeria, ik1adh for the great opportunity to collaborate at this voluntary project, that Iíve accepted with pride.
iz3eba Nicola Baldresca radioamatore
Nicola Baldresca - iz3eba

My desire as om was obtain the U.S. license
. On 29 September 2006 during the HF Convention in Bologna (Italy) Iíve passed the U.S. examination for my first Amateur Radio License. Iíve received the KI4RPU callsign as Technicians License plus Morse code. Itís a great satisfaction for me.


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